Apple iPhone 11 Rumors, Specs, Features, Price and Release date

The legacy of the bleeding edge of smartphone tech is to carried by the Apple iPhone 11 directly after the Apple iPhone X. Apple every year comes up with an iPhone which inevitably stays the standard for comparison to most other phones. Not just that it certainly is one of the most selling smartphones every year. Therefore, the expectations for this year’s upcoming Apple iPhone 11 is no low. It is very high in fact considering it predecessor. So let us see what it is going to be like.

Apple iPhone 11 - Upcoming Apple phones

Apple iPhone 11 – Upcoming Apple phones

Apple iPhone 11 Rumors

We all know this is the next big talk in the tech community. Being esteemed it had its share of leaks and rumours way before its release date. Firstly, there is still a confusion with the name. Last year Apple switched over to roman numerals instead of the number 10. So, this might be the Apple iPhone 11 or iPhone XI, or even X2. But for now, we are going to call them Apple iPhone 11 throughout this write-up.

Apple has made three iPhones for 2018 like they did the last time. Two of which is going to be the Apple iPhone 11 and Plus. The third is Apple iPhone 9 which is aimed to be a cheaper alternative. The form factor and the build are going to be derived from the Apple iPhone X for all the three new iPhones.

The screen sizes of the regular Apple iPhone 11 is the same 5.8 inch and the plus variant is getting a 6.5-inch screen. They both will be adored by the OLED display. Later some sources also confirmed they are from Samsung.

An image was leaked showing Apple iPhone 11 with more colour option than the previous gen. Now you can get blue and gold apart from the white and black glass blacks. However, the front stays black to give a nice bezel-less look.

Apple iPhone 11 Specs

Apple is hands down the best when it comes to having great specifications and performance. Of course, the Apple iPhone 11 series is going to have the newest Apple designed A12 chipset which will win every other smartphone in the speed test. RAM will be 4 Gb as we expect. The battery on the regular variant should be around 2700 mAh like the previous gen and the larger variant should pick up a battery little larger than 3000 mAH.

We heard Apple is bringing up triple cameras from 2019 only. So, the larger variant must have an improved dual 12 MP rear camera setup. The smaller sibling too should house the same unit which will make it a good choice for compact phone lovers.

The base storage option should be fixed at 64 Gb for both and the top variant 256 Gb as before. Because going any less than 64 Gb makes it unusable considering the file size of media files coming out of the iPhone’s camera.


ProcessorApple A12
Display5.8 / 6.5 inch
Cameradual 12 MP rear camera + 8 MP front camera
Internal Storage64 / 256 GB
Battery2700 / 3000 mAh

Apple iPhone 11 Features

The feature set is going to be unique for an iOS device as always. Siri likely will undergo an overhaul which we have not seen in years now. iOS 12 has a ton lot of features to write about. Ambient display, unified notification panel are a few of them. The inbuilt secure features and encryption which is standard across all iPhones. The seamless connectivity across all Apple devices is worth noting. Studio lighting on portrait shots produces DSLR + Photoshop like effect just within the camera application itself. AR stickers are a fun thing to try out on iOS 12.

Apple iPhone 11 Concept

The Face id 2 gen will make its presence in the same notch position which is another reason to get excited about. Finally, it must have learned to differentiate between identical twins with some distinct features.

We wish iPhones had IR blaster making it universal remote to all sorts of electronic appliances and may this be the time Apple finally pays heed to it.

Waterproofing might be the next big thing after years of achieving water resistance on smartphones. Waterproofing will definitely encourage photo enthusiasts to take it for an underwater selfie.

Price & Release

Price, as we know for the base variant of Apple iPhone 11, should start at 999 USD dethroning Apple iPhone X. Last year many complained about rocketing the price so high but sales didn’t affect. Apple should now daringly price the Apple iPhone 11 Plus even higher starting at 1150 USD.

The release of the Apple iPhone 11 and Apple iPhone 9 should happen on September 2018 as always. Pre-orders must be open a week before the sale start. Apart from Apple stores, other large third-party retailers like BestBuy and Walmart should also take pre-orders.


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