Apple iPhone 9 Rumors, Specs, Features, Price and Release date

Last year for the 10th year anniversary of iPhones, Apple released Apple iPhone X alongside Apple iPhone 8 series to mark the special occasion. Apple iPhone 9 was skipped or left void. So, in 2018 Apple is coming back with a trio of smartphones, one of which will fill in the gap of Apple iPhone 9. Apple iPhone 9 is clearly not going to be primitive by any means. Though breaking the sequence, it is going to be fresh and will be a great option for someone wishing to upgrade from the Apple iPhone 7 or below.

Apple iPhone 9  - Upcoming 2019 smartphones

Apple iPhone 9 – Upcoming 2019 smartphones

Apple iPhone 9 Rumors

When we heard Tim Cook introducing the all gorgeous Apple iPhone X we all thought there is never going to be an Apple iPhone 9. But some months after the event we heard of it coming to complete the sequence. Ever since we have had numerous rumours on the same. Here is what we have heard so far.

The existence of Apple iPhone 9 itself came out with the rumours only. Three iPhones are scheduled to come out of Apple in September 2018. All of them have the same form factor as the 2017’s Apple iPhone X.

The medium-sized smartphone of the trio which is aimed to provide a cheaper option to its customer base in developing markets is going to be called the Apple iPhone 9. The leaks also said the screen will be 6.2 inches diagonally and the with the usual notch up its top. The screen is going to be LCD as the obvious cost-cutting measure.

Apple iPhone 9 Specs

Though the Apple iPhone 9 is going to be inferior to the other two siblings in build and display due to cost-cutting measures Apple will not do the same for the internals. We strongly believe so because Apple did so with the Apple iPhone SE which had a much inferior front facing cam and design but the latest chipset of the time. Based on that, Apple’s A12 chipset will be found inside the Apple iPhone 9 with 3 gigs of RAM. Battery capacity must be around 3000 mAh offering full-day battery which is a necessity in budget markets.

As far as we know the camera on the Apple iPhone 9 should be a single 12 MP rear and 8 MP front sensor. Though single Apple won’t let down on the camera quality. It should definitely be a stellar unit able to outperform most of its competitors in its segment.

Base storage must be 64 Gigs below which will not make sense in 2018. The top variant to must be the same as Apple iPhone 8 at 256 Gb. There might also be a 128 Gb variant to provide more options to the consumers.


ProcessorApple A12
Ram3 Gb
Display6.1 inch LCD, 1125 * 2436
Camera12 MP rear + 8 MP front
Internal Storage64 / 256 Gb
Battery3000 mAh

Apple iPhone 9 Features

The phone will come with the highly functional and fluid iOS 12 out of the box which should make a very rich software experience even for a 3 Gb RAM smartphone. One key aspect of owning an Apple device is the interconnectivity it offers to other Apple devices. The seamless interaction within the Apple ecosystem like Airports, Apple watch, and MacBook itself makes a good reason for some people to choose an iPhone over an Android smartphone.

Apple iPhone 9 Concept

The newer Apple iPhone 9 might go back to polycarbonate body or stay with a metallic body. Though it is not a surprising concept, it is more likely to happen considering the price point Apple wishes to place it.

We will most probably have the updated an improved version of Face id from the previous gen. Apple keeps improving their sensors every iteration and this too must be a part of it. The improved face id tech now must be able to differentiate twins which were mocked with the first gen face id.

Apple iPhone 9 Price & Release

Price should start at 800 USD for the base variant replacing the Apple iPhone 8’s slot. The top variant should be 900 USD which already brings it close to its sibling Apple iPhone 11. Apple traditionally schedules their release event on September of every year. This year too it will be on the 3 rd week of September in the US. The sale must start after a week of release and pre-orders must kick in early via online portals.



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