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Samsung Galaxy X Rumors, Specs, Features, Price and Release date

The smartphone in the making for at least four years now is about to see the light likely in 2019. What has Samsung got us after these many years of work? People have broken out of patience

LG V40 ThinQ Rumors, Specs, Price and Release Date

LG V40 ThinQ (ThinQ is a moniker LG recently added to its flagship line-up since LG G7 ThinQ) is the follower of LG V30 and LG V35 ThinQ which happen to sell more than intended in fact,

OnePlus 7 Rumors, Specs, Feature, Price, Release Date

OnePlus 7 though not the next device in line from OnePlus is expected the most. We have OnePlus 6T waiting to come out towards the end of 2018. But that is going to be an incremental upgrade

Google Pixel 4 Rumors, Specs,Features Price, Release Date

Google has always had a line-up of smartphones though not manufactured by themselves designed and controlled by its own to showcase the pure form of its operating system, Android. Initially, it was the Nexus series of devices

Huawei P30 Pro Rumors, Specs, Price and Release Date

Huawei is a well-established brand for years now. But not any of its numerous smartphones had global attention until the mammoth Huawei P20 Pro dropped in March 2018 with three Cameras to the rear. The miracles it

Apple iPhone 9 Rumors, Specs, Features, Price and Release date

Last year for the 10th year anniversary of iPhones, Apple released Apple iPhone X alongside Apple iPhone 8 series to mark the special occasion. Apple iPhone 9 was skipped or left void. So, in 2018 Apple is

Comparison between Apple iPhone X Plus vs LG G8

LG flagships have never been a direct competitor for Apple iPhones in the past. But with quite large jumps LG is making in the recent years, we fear LG G8 could lock horns against the Apple iPhone

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Rumors, Specs, Feature, Price, Release Date

Xiaomi Redmi line-up is one of the top-selling smartphones in budget markets like India. In fact, Redmi line up is the one that did bring Xiaomi to the no.1 smartphone retailer position in India outnumbering Samsung. Xiaomi

Xiaomi Redmi S2 Rumors, Price, features, leaks and Release date

Xiaomi is the budget king in most Asian countries. The budget segment is their huge strength and has brought the company to a top place single handily. The company is bombarding various budget devices recently with an

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Features, Specs, Price and Release date

Asus is one of the leading manufacturers in the Personal Computer sector. In 2014 the company made a dashing entry in the mobile and tablet segment and made some quite good revenue. Later down the timeline, the