Comparison between Apple iPhone X Plus vs LG G8

LG flagships have never been a direct competitor for Apple iPhones in the past. But with quite large jumps LG is making in the recent years, we fear LG G8 could lock horns against the Apple iPhone X Plus. Apple is undoubtedly a trendsetter in the smartphone industry and LG seems to set some of their own to go head to head with the no.1 smartphone brand globally.

Apple iPhone X Plus Vs LG G8

Apple iPhone X Plus Vs LG G8

Apple iPhone X Plus Vs LG G8

LG keeps doing a few things not alike the market trend which creates a separate fan base for its own. Though not as huge as Apple’s fan base there are people who still prefer LG over Apple. On sales numbers, it has been years since LG made it to the top 5. Apple, on the contrary, has never slipped out of the same. Let us compare them based on various aspects and we will let you decide the best for yourself.

Design and build

Apple iPhone X Plus which is scheduled to release in September 2018 will have its roots from the Apple iPhone X. With LG G8 it is going to be fresh design, at least not the same design from its older gen. LG G8 can be boring with the glass sandwich design with metal rails but in 2018 what else can a flagship be like. It all boils down to personal opinion on what looks good for you.


Easy game for LG. If you read a lot of techs you should have already known this. LG has been the go-to display manufacturer for Apple iPhones for years. Also, LG is one of the top two display manufacturers. After amazing us with a 1000 nits bright display in LG G7 ThinQ we heard LG is working on a brighter, colour accurate and energy efficient display for the LG G8. No doubt Apple iPhone X Plus is going to have a stunning display but LG G8’s could be better.


LG is going to come up with the flagship chip in the market which is Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 which must amaze you with its processing power and improved AI capabilities. Apple with its A12 the chip will still be able to beat it hands down on the performance grounds when put together with iOS. Apple has always had the lead in processing with their home-grown chips.

RAM and storage

With different Chipset powering and different OS running on the competitors, RAM doesn’t matter much. For the storage, both will start with 64 Gb and iPhone might have a lead with the highest variant going up to 512 GB.


Clearly, the iPhone’s image processing is very natural, clean and color accurate. LG is also good at the camera though not the best, they have an interesting wide angle secondary rear camera that can work for many photo enthusiasts. Wide angle camera is one place where LG stays unique. Another plus with the LG G8 is it has loads of options to adjust and calibrate in the manual mode both for video and photos.

Other notable points for LG are the DAC and the dual speakers which target the audiophiles. Apple iPhone X Plus will also have a dual speaker but not uniform as the LG G8’s was,  both will be facing front. iPhone gets another lead of being a part of Apple’s ecosystem of devices which inevitably is present is some part of our workflow.


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