Xiaomi, Oppo Planning to Launch Foldable Phones in 2019

Xiaomi and Oppo two of the Chinese smartphone companies who continue to stay in the limelight by doing innovations one after other is now on their way to produce foldable display smartphones. Foldable display smartphone is the talk of the tech town for at least 2 years now.

It started with the display manufacturer itself, Samsung, then came Huawei. The latest one to join the foldable display smartphone manufacturer list is the Chinese giants Xiaomi and Oppo. Let us see what is the market scenario and know what Xiaomi and Oppo have planned to offer us.

Current Market Scenario

The evolution of smartphones can be dated back to the release of Apple iPhone in the September of 2007. It revolutionized what a smartphone could do and how good it can look. Ever since then iOS and Android had healthy competition emerging into solid operating systems after putting BlackBerry OS and Windows OS to sleep permanently in the mobile sector. Amongst the manufacturers there were quite of a number of major players, many Chinese manufacturers started catering global market, OnePlus which rise to fame in a moments notice.

Foldable Phones in 2019

In 2018, there are quite a number of great providers and the competition is very wide which favours the consumers to have the best smartphone to suit their need for the great price.

 Foldable Phones in 2019

Foldable Phones in 2019

The evolution that is taking place in the smartphone world right now apart from the incremental upgrade in internal hardware is in the ‘camera’ department and in the ‘design and display’ department. Cameras after attaining a certain limit in quality out of the small sensor have started to double and triple. Whereas with the display that is not the case. There prevailed a lot of room for improvement.

Brands starting killing the bezels in favour of the better screen to body ratio and the ultimate aim was to get rid of the bezels completely. We are almost there. Last year we had taller displays with minimal bezels. Then came the notches to let more space for the screen. Now we have seen smartphones without the notch too like Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X. The next step is getting an even larger display on a small form factor which is when the role of foldable display arises.

Foldable display development

Samsung displays segment which is responsible for the bleeding edge OLED screens that we see in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 was the first to start working on a foldable display as we know. We have been hearing rumours for 4 years now from WMCs to IFAs. Finally, we even got to see the foldable display in the recent events. But not on a smartphone or on any device. They are just showcased attached to a connector. Maybe they have not found compatible components of a smartphone to go along with the foldable display.

Quite a while back ZTE came up with a foldable smartphone of some sorts. But it had two separate displays joined by a hinge which were synced to look like one with a small bezel in between. Finally, Samsung has teased of coming up with a foldable display smartphone for 2018. Later we heard rumours of postponing to 2019 and also, they will not take the name Galaxy X instead be called Samsung Galaxy F.

Samsung also promised them not to be gimmicks or prototypes and will be a fully functional device that can be anyone’s daily driver. Huawei announced its efforts in the same recently. Now we have heard the news, though not officially, of two other Chinese brands Xiaomi and Oppo who also have started to set things for the foldable display smartphone of their own.

Xiaomi in the making

Xiaomi is one of the innovators in the modern tech industry. They were one among the first to give a mass production device with very fewer bezels. Then is when most other brands rushed to get their own bezel-less display smartphone. Likewise, they wish to be one of the firsts in foldable display devices too.

Xiaomi Foldable Display phones

Xiaomi Foldable Display phones

The rumour said Xiaomi is allegedly working on a foldable display smartphone which we have come to know based on the hinges and spares Xiaomi has ordered to its suppliers.

It further said it is looking for an OLED panel to be sourced within China most probably BOE Technology source which Huawei has already hired. Other prominent options for Xiaomi are Visionex and LG displays. Unlike Samsung and Huawei’s implementation, the foldable display the Xiaomi is working on is planned to fold outwards. However, no information was given on the timeline of the device making or release.

Oppo in the making

Oppo is another brand based out in China which has woke up recently from giving iPhone like Android phones to giving a masterpiece of Oppo Find X, a full display smartphone with a pop slider for all the cameras. The same announcement said Oppo too has put in efforts on the same topic and started building its own foldable display smartphone. No other information was available about Oppo’s ideas and development.

The pricing is the next big thing for a first-time tech. We fear it to be priced quite high than any other smartphone on the market. But 3 out of 4 companies we knew trying to build the foldable display smartphone are from Chinese manufacturers who are well known to provide sensible devices for a cheaper price. So fingers crossed on that and we hope to see the foldable display smartphones sooner and in nominal price.


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