Google Pixel 3 rumors, price, release date

Google hit the jackpot with the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL, so it seems very much possible that the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will continue the tradition and be the best buys of 2018. The grapevine is pretty much alight with rumors already. Not much has been divulged by Google about the phone so far, of course, but some educated guesses can pretty much be made from the past and current trends and the specifications of the previous Pixels. So far, we definitely know that the Pixel 3 is the next flagship product from Google, and that it will be purely Android.

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Google Pixel 3 release date

Google has not yet declared a release date for the Pixel 3, nor has an estimated price been declared. But Google has apparently fixed a date for its flagship releases- October 4th. The first Pixel and Pixel XL both were launched on this date back in 2016, and the Pixel 2 was released exactly a year later- 4th October 2017. So, it makes sense that the Google Pixel 3 will make its official debut on October 4th 2018.Of course, this is only a guesswork as of now, but even if the date is shifted for some reason, it is highly likely that the phone will be released sometime toward the end of the year; it is unlikely that Google will extend the gap between flagship launches to more than a year.

google pixel 3 release date

Google Pixel 3 price

Google has not said anything about the price of the phone as of yet, but it can be safely assumed that it will be at least as pricey as the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The Pixel 2 and 2 XL are priced at US$649 and US$ 849 respectively. If anything, the price of the Google Pixel 3 will be more than this mark, judging from the fact that high end smartphone prices are steadily rising, and that Google will possibly continue the trend of revising prices with every new lunch; the Pixel 2 and 2 XL were higher priced than the original Pixels.

Smaller bezels

It certainly will not be too much to hope that that the Google Pixel 3 will come with smaller bezels at least smaller than the quote chunky Google Pixel 2. This looks like a good move, considering that 2017 flagship phones have mostly almost done away with bezels, with the exception of the Pixels. Of course, the bezels accommodate the front facing speakers, but maybe Google will work out a way to maintain the speakers and cut down on the bezels.

google pixel 3 bezels

Flexible Active Edge

The Pixel 2 and 2 XL are both equipped with Active Edge, which enables the user to squeeze on the sides of the phone and activate the Google Assistant. It is no doubt useful, but a customization feature would be welcome. In the HTC U11, for instance, it can be remapped, which would be very much welcome in the Pixel 3 as well. It would be great of the feature would be sensitive to context. So, if you had already launched the camera, you could launch Active Edge to lick a pic instead of taking you to Assistant, or take a screenshot when you are browsing through webpages. The Assistant feature could be limited to the home screen.

Better camera

The camera on the Pixel 2 could surely stand to have some improvements, and we are hoping the Google Pixel 3 will incorporate those. Of course, the camera is great already despite the fact that it is a single lens one, but there can be some tweaks to the software. The Samsung and LG phones, for instance, come equipped with a feature that allows you to change from selfie to main cameras with a single swipe, which is certainly more convenient than locating the icon on the camera screen and changing the mode. This feature would be greatly welcome in the new Pixel 3, and gesture controls would also be great for timed photos.

Better screen

The screen in the Google Pixel 3 needs to be improved if it is to make a greater mark as a flagship product, especially keeping in mind the great work the other flagships have shown in this department. A QHD screen should be in the works, as opposed to the 1080p screen of the Pixel 2 and 2 XL. Possibly, there will be some work on the viewing angles, which are not so great on the current Pixels, and hopefully the colors will be more vibrant.

google pixel 3 camera

Not much has yet come to light about the new Pixel phones from Google, but we do know that there are at least two flagship phones in the pipeline. If words are to be believed, it is not two, but three phones that are in the make right now, and they have reportedly been codenamed ‘crosshatch’, ‘blueline’, and ‘albacore’. One of them will be a high end phone, while the other two will be tagged as premiums.

So far, we know that a Pixel 3 and a Pixel 3 XL are in the pipeline, so, if rumors are true, then we can expect to see a more luxurious phone from Google in the near future. The move is reminiscent of Apple’s decision to split the latest iPhones’ market- they released the high end iPhone 8 and the slightly lower end iPhone 8 Plus, followed by the definitely top notch iPhone X. Of course, this might only be a rumor, fueled by Apple’s decision and the fact that there was also a rumor going on last year of three simultaneous launches when the Pixel 2 and 2 XL were due to be released.


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