iPhone Glass Concept – Transparent Display

The transparent display technology has been in the news for quite sometime now but these devices never became mainstream. We have seen some prototype smartphones with transparent display and they look super cool, but no company has been able to launch such a phone so far. Here’s our take on the iPhone with transparent display in this iPhone Glass concept. While the current technology might not be capable enough for such device, but we do believe that with the advancement in the technology, it will be achievable one day. Do share your thoughts in the comments below and please share it on social media if you liked the concept.

iphone glass concept


There is a 5.8″ transparent display. You maybe wondering why there are thick bezels on top and bottom when Apple is getting rid of the bezels? Well, these bezels store all the essential hardware. More on this later. The power button is on top of the phone. There are no physical volume buttons, user can adjust the volume by sliding a finger up or down on the left side of the display.

iphone glass

Turn off transparency

The transparency of the display can be adjusted or can be completely turned off. This helps while using apps like camera, web browser etc.

iphone glass transparency off


The upper bezel houses the most advanced battery in a phone. We believe that batteries will be much smaller in size in the future and more powerful at the same time. This flash battery can last upto whole day.

iphone glass battery

Other hardware

Processor, RAM, sensors, motherboard and all other essential hardware are packed in one electric chip which has been placed in the bottom bezel. There is no internal storage on the phone and all your data is backed up on iCloud.

iphone glass smart chip


The concept phone is water resistant and water proof so you can use it in the shower or pool as well.

iphone glass waterproof

Wireless charging

There is no charging port on the phone, because there is no need for it. It has wireless charging.  The space saved by eliminating the charging port and internal storage drive is used for packing other essential parts in the minimum space available.

iphone glass wireless charging

Take a look at the video of the concept below:


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