LG G7 rumored features, release date and price

The LG G6 has only just been released in the market, and already the world has started to think about its successor: the LG G7. And for good reason too; every time LG releases one of its new G series phones, it is big news. There are a whole lot of expectations about the new release from LG’s tables. Some are hoping that the price will be a little less steep, while others are keeping their fingers crossed for uniform features across all regions, instead of the region-specific facilities that the LG G series phones are known for. To be fair, though, not much is known about the G7 phone so far. Here’s what has been pieced together from spy photos and industry sources.

LG G7 concept

LG G7 Concept by Science and Knowledge YouTube channel

The screen

There is a lot of discussion going on about the screen of the new LG G7 phone. Some of the rumors state that the new LG G7 will come with the brand new OLED screen, which means that viewing experience will be incredible for the user. If the rumors are true then you should get ready for the most vivid colors on screen you have seen so far on any LG phone. The screen is also being touted as being incredibly powerful, which it will be if the rumors are true; LG has apparently started to work on the screen, and has teamed up with Qualcomm to design the tentatively titled Snapdragon 845 chipset that will power the G7 screen. This rumor completely makes sense, considering that LG has been adequately criticized in the past for using the obsolete Snapdragon 821. More on this later.

LG G7 photo

Concept by DBS designing

Battery and charging

The new LG G7 will probably come with a removable battery, giving the users the flexibility to swap batteries when required. This makes perfect sense since the previous G series models all came with removable backs and batteries. And Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 did not come with good battery life, and was not swappable either, which is something LG has probably learned from. Another thing to learn from would be customer feedback; no one is happy that LG has been making region specific features. So far, if you had the Quad DAC, which makes the audio great, you did not have wireless charging. If LG has been listening to their customers, the G7 will probably come with both features in all regions the phone is available in.

The size

The LG G7 will probably be quite in line with the G series size philosophy: a slim build that is almost all screen. The G6 came with a large screen that was pretty well received by users and critics alike, so there is no reason why that should change in the next generation of the series. It can be safely assumed that the phone will come with a high aspect ratio and small bezels, which has been their specialty since they first introduced smartphones in the market.

The curved screen

We don’t yet know whether the G7 will come with the much coveted curved screen option, but we are certainly hoping that it would. The G6 is a mix of flat in the front and curved in the back, but we are hoping or a completely curved screen in the G7. And that seems to be a distinct possibility since Samsung’s Edge was well received. This will give the phone a futuristic look that can be retained well into the next few generations, and will certainly give the user a far better grip.

lg g7 flexible display

Snapdragon chipset

If LG actually launches the Snapdragon 845 chipset with the G7 phone, it may well be a revolutionary step in the mobile phone industry. A high end phone like this certainly caters to not the casual user, but the hardcore audience who will look intently for performance. The Snapdragon drives for better performance, making the screen much smoother and faster, with minimal chances of hanging or slowing down, even with multiple options being used at the same time. Besides, the G7 will probably be coming with a plethora of features (if the previous models are anything to go by), and the Snapdragon chipset is apparently being designed to handle such a heavily loaded phone.

Price and release date

We are all hoping that the price of the new LG G7 phone will burn a smaller hole in the pocket than its predecessors. However, it is probably not going to come cheap, and will be something around the $700 mark, probably a little higher. On the plus side, while that is certainly not inexpensive, it is not as pricey as the other flagship phones from other companies. We will see how that turns out when the phone is released, sometime in March or April 2018.


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