LG V40 ThinQ Rumors, Specs, Price and Release Date

LG V40 ThinQ (ThinQ is a moniker LG recently added to its flagship line-up since LG G7 ThinQ) is the follower of LG V30 and LG V35 ThinQ which happen to sell more than intended in fact, more than the official flagship LG G6 and G7 ThinQ. LG is slightly on the rise after long years because of the V series smartphones, especially from the LG V30s. Naturally, LG V40 ThinQ is more anticipated than ever.

LG was once the leading smartphone brand. Slowly and gradually it lost its market share to Apple and Samsung and ended up releasing very few smartphones per year. But never did they lose hope on the flagship segment.

LG V40 - Upcoming Phones 2019

LG V40 – Upcoming Phones 2019

LG V40 ThinQ Rumors

LG being a display brand did a lot of experimental smartphone line-up, or we felt it be so. The first two smartphones from the V series were different from all other smartphones. They had metal textured premium backs, two displays – one additional horizontal screen for quick access in addition to the usual display and unusually large form factor aimed at a different demography. LG V30 was the one to break it and come out like a bigger brother of LG G6 with most of the downsides rectified. The V in the LG V40 ThinQ means Video (maybe not, we assume so) coz the phone does so well in the video department.

Though we might have seen the triple camera on the back and dual to the front we haven’t seen them together yet. Rumours from ET News say the LG V40 ThinQ will come with 5 cameras to it. It might even be the first to do it. The Rear triplet will be 20 MP primary, 16 MP wide-angle and 13 MP telephoto shooters. According to the article, the front will house two camera modules which will help enable 3d facial recognition in a newer method, unlike Apple’s implementation.

About the screen, there are two rumours so it both had to be taken with a pinch of salt sadly only one of it can be true. One says the self-made pOLED display on LG V40 ThinQ will come with a 90% screen to body ratio and to achieve that LG has handled a “different from conventional method” of increasing the screen real estate.

This simply is no notch and very fewer bezels. But on the contrary, another article said to be from an internal source confirms with the 5 camera set-up and adds that the screen will have a cut out to its top end and a fingerprint sensor to the back. Two opposite rumours on the same aspect, we have no other choice than to wait and see.

LG V40 ThinQ Specs

As like every other flagship LG V40 ThinQ is also going to have the best from Qualcomm which is the Snapdragon 845. RAM must be 6 gigs. The storage options must start from 64 Gb and have a 128 Gb version too. If that is not sufficient you can extend the memory up to 512 Gb via external card slot.

Cameras, as we saw, is going to be triple on the rear and dual on the front. About the screen, we are not sure whether or not it will carry a notch but from the last gen, we expect it to be a 6.15-inch pOLED display manufactured by LG. The resolution is 1440 * 2880 pixels. The 3300 mAh battery is sufficient for the most part but a 3500 could be better.


ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 845
Ram6 GB
Display6.15 inch OLED, QHD+
Camera20 + 16 wide angle + 13 telephoto rear cameras, dual front-facing cameras
Internal Storage64 / 128 GB

LG V40 ThinQ Features

LG offers a great audio experience in its flagship smartphones at least. The speaker is the dual speaker unit that goes loud enough to fill a small room. The built-in DAC gives out quality sound via the 3.5 mm headphone jack which is still present and accounted for.

As we said LG V40 ThinQ is a video-centric smartphone. The phone has a manual mode for video which is very rare in a smartphone. Amongst the very few smartphones that emphasis on video this is definitely a stellar one. If you vlog a lot on your smartphone you can not go wrong with the LG V40 ThinQ.

LG V40 ThinQ Concept

Rumours already said the fingerprint sensor is located to the back. But it need not be the case until release. An in-display fingerprint reader would be exciting.

The unconventional way LG V40 ThinQ is rumoured to increase the screen area if turns out to be notch free then the cameras and earpiece should be in a hideout. Cameras will take a pop-up stand and the earpiece must probably be piezoelectric probably.

LG V40 ThinQ Price & Release

LG has been slowly raising the price on their V series smartphones. The first version was close to 700 USD and the last one to come out LG V35 ThinQ is priced at 900 USD. We fear LG V40 ThinQ will still have a marginally higher price tag which brings it closer to the 1000 USD which only Apple has as the start price till date.

The release date is not that clear, not any official announcements and LG is not used to sticking to a routine either. We expect it to come out in the August / September. LG might even show up the smartphone in the IFA and bring it on sale a month or so later.


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