Moto G6 Release Date, Price, Features And Specs Rumors

The Moto G series had been launched a few years back, and since then has enjoyed immense success. Ever since they first launched the first phone of the G series, the craze caught on, and a legend was born. Albeit admittedly billed at a higher price range than the usual everyday smartphones, the G phones have never had any difficulty in finding buyers, thanks to the extraordinary features and smooth user experience. And Motorola continues to cash in on the rage; only recently, the cell phone manufacturer announced that it will soon be releasing the Moto G6 and the Moto G6 Plus.

moto g6 release date

We don’t yet know much about the Moto G6 Plus since its release is quite far from the present. But experts and cell phone aficionados have been able to make some pretty intelligent guesses about what the Moto G6 will be like. In this article, let us take a look at what the (hopefully accurate) rumors are being circulated about Motorola’s new flagship phone.

The screen

The previous flagship phones of the G series, the Moto G5 and the Moto G5 Plus, were legends in their own right. Naturally, most guesses about the 6th generation G phone rises from their specifications. As such, the Moto G6 screen is being hoped to be even better than its predecessor. The G5 came with a pretty advanced screen, and it is being expected that the G6 will retain the same features, with some upgrades. As such, the G6 will definitely have Gorilla Glass protection, hopefully the Corning Gorilla Glass 4, an upgrade from version 3. The G5 already came with a 5.2 inch screen of 1080p resolution, and a pixel density of 424 ppi. It is being expected that the G6 will retain these dimensions, with possibly full HD 1010p resolution and even higher pixel density.

The processor

Major names in the smartphone manufacturing market are making use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 in their upcoming flagship models, and there is no reason why Motorola should be left behind, especially since performance has always been a key feature in Moto phones. The Octa Core Processor clocked at 2.0 GHz chipset will ensure that the phone runs smoother than its predecessors, with even slimmer chances of hanging even under heavy load. This is bound to make watching videos and running multiple functions a breeze. The new Nougat OS is also bound to make the user experience a lot better.

The camera

Motorola is cashing in on the selfie craze with great quality cameras in its G series phones, and the G6 will be no exception. Hopefully, the phone will retain the Dual 12-MegaPixel primary rear camera and the 13-MegaPixel secondary front-facing camera of its predecessors, both with LED flash, which will make selfies taken in low light look crystal clear. The Dual Image Signal processors in the earlier phones made capturing moments easier than ever, and it is being hoped that Motorola will take it a step further by enabling the G6 camera to take photos at 30 frames per second. This will mean that clicking in burst mode will be an enjoyable, foolproof experience. It is also being expected that the camera will come loaded with other features such as panorama and Snapchat-style filters, which is all the rage right now.

moto g6 specs

New features

It can be safely assumed that the Moto G6 will come with some new features, both to distinguish itself from its predecessors, and also to pose serious competition to the other players in the market, such as Apple, which is expected to launch iPhone 7 around the same time as G6’s launch. As such, the fingerprint scanner will likely be there on the screen for better security. Besides, the phone is also likely to be motion sensitive, that is, you will be able to access different functions by employing different motions. So, moving the phone a certain way could take you to the camera, or unlock the phone. Of course, these will be customizable, so that the novice user has no difficulty handling the handset. The phone will probably also come with a Quick Charge port, which is also likely an addition in most of its competitors.

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The Moto G6 is expected to release sometime in the first quarter of 2018. The official release date has not been announced yet, but the phone will probably release in installments around the world. It can be expected that in some areas, the phone will see an exclusive online-only launch through shopping websites, so pre-ordering should be available. It’s going to be a mid range phone most likely, with the price varying slightly in accordance to memory size.


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