OnePlus 5 Release date, specs, features, price

We are living in a modern world where science and technology are improving on a daily basis. The similar is the case with the smartphones nowadays. The smartphones are having its features improved now and then. With the passage of time the working capacity increases, the speed becomes faster, and there are various others. OnePlus 5 can be considered as an excellent example of these improved features. From the launching of OnePlus to the last launch of OnePlus 3T we have seen the improved in its features and specifications. All the launches of OnePlus have gained immense popularity due to its features, reliability and fantastic prices. The smartphone provides an excellent value for money. The brand of smartphone is just ready with its launch of OnePlus 5 in the coming summer.

OnePlus 5 Concept design photo

OnePlus 5 concept design

The users are excited to hear the news for launch and are anxiously waiting to grab their OnePlus 5. The immense popularity of this particular brand is because it fulfills the expectations of the users each time with its new launch and this has been a trend from the launch of OnePlus, then OnePlus 2 then OnePlus3 and finally OnePlus 3T. Similarly, there is a lot of expectation from OnePlus 5 as well, and all the users are sure that their expectation will be fulfilled this time as well.

Features and Specifications of OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 is rumored to come with a new 5.5-inch curved aluminum design which is going to elegant. The rumor also said that the smartphone would have a fingerprint scanner as an advanced security feature and an USB slot for connecting the USB devices. It is expected that with the launch of OnePlus 5 the other leading brands of smartphone manufacturers like Apple, HTC, Samsung, etc. are going to face some stiff competition. Especially OnePlus has always given the users superb value for money with no scope of regret.

Display: It is supposed to come with a 5.5 inches display with a superb qualityfull HD display. It will have a phenomenal screening and viewing angle. The resolution that is suggested for OnePlus 5 is 4K which will provide an outstanding display.

3D Touch Display Technology: OnePlus 5 is supposed to come with a 3D touch display which is considered to be the display feature of the next generation.

Protection of Display: The protection of display is extremely crucial especially for the smartphones, and OnePlus smartphones have always come with the feature of display protection. Similarly, there will Gorilla glass in One lus 5 as well for the protection of display.

Processor: OnePlus 5 is expected to come with a 3 GHz Qualcomm Octa Core Processor which is supposed to give a tremendously fast performance.

Memory and RAM: The latest smartphone is expected to come with a whopping 8 GB RAM to provide the users with a tremendous fast multitasking experience. The memory or the internal storage of the device is hinted to be a large 64 GB.

Retina Scanner: OnePlus 5 is supposed to come with aretina scanner to put in an additional layer of security into the device.

Camera and Flash: According to the latest rumors, the smartphone will have 22 megapixels’ front camera and 8 megapixels’ back camera with flash to give the users experience awesome clicks. The quality of pictures is supposed to superb.

Power: OnePlus 5 is rumored to be powered by a 4000 mAh battery that will be stuffed into its thin aluminum metal body so that it can run long on a single charge.This will come with a wireless charging technology, and the battery would be non-removable in nature.

Operating System: Without any doubt, the operating system will be Android version 7.0.

Connectivity: The device will have a Wi-Fi that will be on board. The device will also be having a Bluetooth connectivity. It will also have a USB Port for plugging in external USB devices to the smartphone.

Colors: The latest launch of OnePlus 5 will be coming in four different colors that are as mentioned below.

Price: The price of the smartphone is supposed to be somewhere around 450 dollars. With all the features as mentioned above this launch of OnePlus is going to be a huge success.


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