OnePlus 6 concept design – Bezel less display, glowing logo, dual camera and more

OnePlus has become one of the most loved smartphone brand in a very short span of time. OnePlus phones compete with the kinds of iPhone and Galaxy flagships with almost half the cost. That’s why they have a very loyal fan base. OnePlus recently launched OnePlus 5 which is already doing very good sales. Company will launch the new version in 2018. It will be named as OnePlus 5T or 6. While there is very little information available for this upcoming phone at the moment, but we have tried to imagine what this phone will look like. Based on the current industry trends, it’s not very hard to foresee how OnePlus 6 will take shape. Check out our concept design below and let us know how we did in the comments below.


As you can see, the display is almost bezel less. There are no bezel on the bottom and just a little bit on the top which houses dual front camera, sensors and ear speaker.

oneplus 6

Back camera:

This concept has 25 MP dual lens vertical camera on the back with dual LED flash for amazing picture quality even in the low light.

oneplus 6 back dual camera

Display and front camera:

It has a 5.5 inch QHD AMOLED display with ultra fast fingerprint scanner inbuilt. There is a retina scanner as well. For selfie lovers, there is a 16 MP dual lens camera on the front.

oneplus 6 display and front camera

Dust and waterproof:

This OnePlus 6 concept is dust and waterproof with IP68 rating, which means that phone is resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes..

oneplus 6 waterproof

Glowing logo:

The OnePlus logo is imagined to be glowing. It will not just work as a notification light but has a bigger purpose. There are bio-metric sensors hidden beneath the logo to help you monitor your health. You can check your heart rate, check the Hemoglobin level etc. Possibilities are endless.

oneplus 6 glowing back logo

RAM and battery:

It has 8GB RAM for smooth performance, 4000 mAh battery so that you don’t have to find the charging point, and latest Android Oreo out of the box. It also supports wireless charging.

oneplus 6 ram battery


There are 3 storage variants, 32 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB.

oneplus 6 storage


Available in Jet Black, gold and pearl white colors.

oneplus 6 colors

Check out the video of the concept below:


That’s all folks, don’t forget to share with your friends who love OnePlus. Let us know which concept should we design next.


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