OnePlus 7 Rumors, Specs, Feature, Price, Release Date

OnePlus 7 though not the next device in line from OnePlus is expected the most. We have OnePlus 6T waiting to come out towards the end of 2018. But that is going to be an incremental upgrade like Apple was doing with S models every alternate year. So, all the big hopes are on OnePlus 7 which will be coming out by mid-2019. Seems OnePlus has already started baking it with its usual recipe of the flagship features at cheapest possible price.

OnePlus is a promising brand that has a very loyal and large fan base gained by sticking to consistent principles of making a stellar smartphone. The Chinese company has earned its name globally and has established it in almost all major markets. Let us see what they have for OnePlus 7.

OnePlus 7 - Upcoming Phones 2019

OnePlus 7 – Upcoming Phones 2019

OnePlus 7 Rumors

OnePlus should be planning big for OnePlus 7 as it is going to face competition from some major competitors like Samsung with its 10th gen Samsung Galaxy S10 and Apple iPhone 9. OnePlus started with basic features of flagship smartphone – best hardware, Good built, cheap price and no extraordinary features. Slowly they added some new feature with every major release and now they have grown closer to traditional flagships rather than being called budget flagships. So we get a lot of rumors like we get for a flagship though it is well far from expected release.

The first information we get to know is an official info. The company announced the OnePlus 7 is partnering with a US carrier to provide one of the first 5G smartphones in the US if not the first to do it. The announcement was made in MWC 2018 which means they have already started to work on it this early.

Other information we got about the upcoming flagship killer is that it will continue to have a glass back like its predecessor. It might even incorporate a fast-wireless charging mechanism in it but we have not heard any news about it lately.

OnePlus 7 Specs

As we know there is not gonna be any compromise when it comes to specifications. For the chipset, OnePlus 7 is going to have the best form the Qualcomm in the time which will be Snapdragon 855. The base RAM might go up a level, 8 GB and the other option will be 10 Gb. For the storage you, it will start at 128 Gb and will have 256 and 512 Gb options to choose from. The 512 Gb variant might even be a special edition.

Regarding cameras, we might get triple sensors on the rear. The primary 16 MP shooter must be accompanied by a 20 MP secondary and an additional wide-angle shooter. The front camera should have a 20 MP shooter. The battery should stay around as 3300 mAh which is good enough as we have seen in previous models.


ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 855
RAM8 / 10 GB
Display6.2inch OLED, Full HD+
Camera16 MP primary + 20 MP secondary + 12 MP wide angle, 20 MP selfie camera
Internal Storage128 / 256/ 512 GB

OnePlus 7 Features

OnePlus has some remarkable features one of which is the dedicated physical alert slider that you can use to switch between, silent, ring and DND modes. This feature is very handy and unique among Android smartphones.

OnePlus 7 might get an in-display fingerprint scanner which will be common in flagships in 2019 but we are yet to know what OnePlus has decided on it.

Oxygen OS very features rich skin over Android modified by OnePlus. It looks and feel so like stock android and adds some nifty little features making it more functional. OnePlus must be running Oxygen OS on top of Android P. Who knows like this year it might be one of the firsts to receive Android Q developer Beta.

OnePlus 7 Concept

We are not gonna run out of concepts when we talk about OnePlus smartphones. They are very experimental and practical. Even for the smartphones form factor and design, they tend to make about 10 working models before zeroing down on the final one.

This year since glass back exists already we might have wireless charging on it. Wireless fast charging should have an impact on the price but in 2019 wireless charging is kind of essential in a flagship. Bezel-less, notch less display is the next big innovation and we are looking forward to it for ages now. Now that the motorized pop-up camera modules have started coming out, why not OnePlus join the bandwagon of fully bezel-less display smartphones.

OnePlus is bringing special edition smartphones either partnering a franchise or simply providing specials like ceramic back. There is definitely something big for the OnePlus 7.

OnePlus 7 Price & Release

Price is the key reason that brought fame to the OnePlus in its early years. Since then they have been hiking the prices marginally. Following track record, OnePlus 7 should start at 550 USD / 500 EUR. That is still way better than other flagships which sell upwards from 800 USD.

The release is expected on June 2019 and pre-orders should be open following the release event within a week’s time. As said OnePlus is working with a carrier to bring 5G so there is definitely going to be a carrier version of the OnePlus smartphone for the first time. What we are not sure is that whether the unlocked version will have the 5G option or not.



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