Will Samsung Also Remove Headphone Jack In Samsung Galaxy SX?

The headphone jack has been the center of all kind of controversies over the past couple of months. It all started when Apple showed their courage and removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. At that time, Apple was subjected to millions of parodies and memes. But slowly now, most other manufacturers are also doing the same. For example, Google did the same with the Pixel 2. Thus it was totally heartbreaking to see the headphone jack gone from one of the most popular phones.

During that time, Samsung had released its Galaxy S7/7+ along with the Note 7. All of them had the headphone jack. The next year too, with the Galaxy S8/8+ and Note 8, Samsung also kept the headphone jack intact. In 2018 too, when Samsung released the Galaxy S9/9+, both of them had a headphone jack. So, when it comes to removing the headphone jack, it seems Samsung has no interest in that. Let’s see some of the reasons why Samsung didn’t, and will not also remove the headphone jack on the Galaxy SX.

Will Samsung Also Remove Headphone Jack In Samsung Galaxy SX?

Will Samsung Also Remove Headphone Jack In Samsung Galaxy SX?

No Headphone Jack Means More Dongle To Carry

If Samsung removes the headphone jack, then the users will need to carry more dongles. This is a major deterrent of having no 3.5mm jack. If you have a normal headphone, and there’s no headphone jack in your phone, you have to buy a dongle that converts that charging port into a 3.5mm jack. Or you need to buy USB headphones or Bluetooth ones.

That certainly means more complexity for the user, but also more income for the manufacturer too. If Samsung puts out a Bluetooth headphone and removes the headphone jack – the Bluetooth headphone will obviously sell. But, Samsung knows about this user complexity, and still, therefore, haven’t removed the headphone jack yet. It is sorely called, listening to the customers.

No Charging And Listening To Music At The Same Time

This is another problem, that plagues the issue of having no headphone jack. One single port used for both charging and listening to music means, doing either of those two works, at a single time. That means reduced efficiency and more complexity again. A person has to wait either for his charging to complete, before listening to music. Or listen to music first, and then charge. It’s just a bad choice between two essential things. Again, you need a Bluetooth headphone to negate this issue.

Too Much Use Of A Single Port, Can Damage It

This is rather a thing to be very cautious about. Too much use of just a single port for both functions, i.e. charging and listening to music, can really damage it quite fast. Separate ports for separate functions will always be a better choice, than going for a single universal socket, for all purposes. Charging post damaged means, your phone will basically become unusable, unless it has wireless charging capability. So, that is a thing to keep in mind.


After evaluating each and every one of the above points, it can be easily seen, how much the end user faces problems. For doing simple things, he or she has to either spend more or wait. This is actually an anti-consumer thing, and therefore, Samsung will not try to do the same with their Galaxy SX. The Galaxy SX will come with the headphone jack, and thereby save all the users from headaches like these.


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