Samsung Galaxy J4 rumored price and specs

Samsung has only recently released the Galaxy J3, which was accepted very graciously by the public. But as they say, the mobile market is ever really restful, and to prove that point, rumors have already started circulating about the next generation Galaxy, the Galaxy J4. Not much is known as of yet, and Samsung is keeping everything pretty much under wraps, but some intelligent guesses are being made by the cell phone aficionados. Here, let us see what features the new Galaxy J model will be coming with.

samsung galaxy j4

The OS and the processor

Like their other phones, Samsung’s Galaxy J4 will also be an android smartphone, possibly launching with the latest Android Nougat 7.0 OS. It is being expected that the new operating system will make the user experience much better, with most of the bugs the Marshmallow came with being fixed in this new version of the Android OS. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor will probably be reinstated to power the phone again, which is good enough to handle a phone with mid-range features. The 64-bit, Octa-core processor is also going to be a good feature, making the phone a much faster one, with very little chances of hanging. Going by the processor, it will likely have a 16 GB ROM and 2 GB RAM.

The camera and display

The Samsung Galaxy J4 would probably be pretty high on the camera quality, considering the previous versions received some flak. So, it can be expected that there will be some improvements in that sector. Both the front and rear cameras will probably be 8 megapixel, and we can expect to see some features added to the make the experience better. The display is also bound to see some minor improvements, which is pretty normal in such updates. Gorilla Glass 4 will build the 5 inch full display with a resolution of 720 x 1280 MP, so expect a sturdy screen with great visuals.

Other features

The Samsung Galaxy J4 will come with the usual dual SIM and micro SIM support, along with a Micro-SD slot extendable up to 128 GB. The 2900mAH battery will hopefully be long lasting, and it can be expected that the phone heating problems will not persist any more.

Price and release date

It is being expected that the Samsung Galaxy J4 will release sometime in the third quarter of 2017, so around November or December. It will probably be priced around $150 (INR 10,000), likely a little lower than that. If that is true, then it will certainly be one of the lowest priced smartphones from Samsung’s stables in the recent years. With its features, it will definitely be a bargain, and tough competition for the other smartphones under the $150 price bracket.

We don’t yet know anything for sure about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy J4 phone, and the questions regarding it will be answered only after the phone is launched in the market late this year. But Samsung is releasing the phone along with tough competition from other manufacturers, and, if the rumors turn out to be true, it will certainly give the makers of other budget smartphones a run for their money.



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