Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date, specs and price rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones are one of the best smartphones which you are going to get in the market right now. These smartphones not only come with powerful hardware but also with beautiful design which are loved by everyone. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the current Galaxy smartphone which is available out there and is one of the best-selling premium android devices. Samsung is soon going to add another mobile phone to its portfolio and it is going to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

samsung galaxy note 6

There are many rumors and leaks regarding the latest Samsung Galaxy note 6 smartphone. It is expected that the device will come with a 16 core processor which will deliver unbeatable performance on the device. This will help you in getting the best gaming experience on Samsung Galaxy Note 6, so if you love playing games on your mobile phone, Galaxy Note 6 is the device you need to lookout for. It is also expected that the device will arrive with Android Marshmallow which is the latest version of Android operating system available out there.

4GB RAM is what you get in the Galaxy Note 5 and with Samsung Galaxy Note 6 you are going to get 6 GB of RAM. Just like Samsung Galaxy Note 5 you are going to get two variants of the Note 6 smartphone which are going to be Snapdragon and Exynos based models.

Note 6 release date

As per the latest leaks it is suggested that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will get launched in first or second week of August. Earlier the device was planned to launch in September but now Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will launch in August. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the latest smartphones from the Galaxy series which are available out there and these both smartphones are the best smartphones which are available out there. With Galaxy Note 6, Samsung aims to target all the European countries and increase their sales.

Specifications and Hardware

It is expected that the Note 6 will come with a big 6 or 6.2-inch display screen. The display is going to be a 4K resolution screen which will give great view and pleasure to the user. As per leaks it is also suggested that Note 6 will arrive with dual boot option which will allow one to use both Windows 10 and Android operating system on the device. This is a great feature and will become unique selling point on the device if we see it.

In terms of storage Samsung is planning to use 256 GB of storage chips on the device. This means that you are going to get 256 of inbuilt storage space in the Galaxy Note 6.

This is all the info which we are having for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 till now. We will update our article as soon as we receive more information about the smartphone.


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