Samsung Galaxy X Rumors, Specs, Features, Price and Release date

The smartphone in the making for at least four years now is about to see the light likely in 2019. What has Samsung got us after these many years of work? People have broken out of patience to see the first foldable display smartphone. But in the due time some amateur gimmicks were out with dual display folding do its side but that was just another failed attempt. We are here with all the information we can get you on the Samsung Galaxy X.

Samsung Galaxy X - Upcoming Phones 2019

Samsung Galaxy X – Upcoming Phones 2019

Samsung Galaxy X Rumors

The Samsung Galaxy X though does not have a definite release period has been staying in the rumours page quite a long time. It was first expected to be displayed in the IFA 2017. But well past that, we have not seen a single glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy X itself. Constant rumours and leaks never stop. Let us see what are rumours we have got so far.

The foldable display is the whole point of Samsung giving birth to a new flagship series apart from the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series which come out every year. Yes, the leading OLED display manufacturer, Samsung has been working on it for years. They have also started to showcase their foldable display in various events but not yet on a smartphone. Maybe they have not found suitable internals and battery to go with it yet.

We also heard Samsung is planning to manufacture limited devices to play safe with the first generation foldable displays, also counting to create hype with the limited availability. We heard as low as 300,000 devices only will be made for the global market. If things go well maybe the second- generation foldable display smartphone could be a mass production device.

Samsung Galaxy X Specs

Being known the flagship from Samsung it is definitely gonna have the top of the line hardware with no mercy on the performance and looks. Samsung is gonna kill it. The next big thing will be the form factor. The Samsung Galaxy X is expected to have a 7-inch display which must be foldable and bendable to an extent. The OLED panel as we know should boast a resolution of 1440 * 2880 pixels.

As it is expected to come out sometime in 2019, the chipset powering it must be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or the Samsung’s Exynos 9820 depending on the market it is sold. It should be coupled with 6Gb of RAM. The battery will be anywhere around 3500 mAh.

Cameras should descend from the Galaxy S series. A 13 MP dual aperture primary camera supported by a secondary telephoto camera on the rear and single selfie shooter besides the IRIS scanner to help with the biometrics.


ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 855 / Exynos 9820
Display7 inch foldable display, 1440 * 2880
Camera13 MP dual aperture, dual rear camera + 12 MP front camera
Internal Storage64 GB
Battery3500 mAh

Samsung Galaxy X Features

Under the display fingerprint reader should easily find its way from the Samsung Galaxy S10. A first of its kind ultrasonic sensor is confirmed for the Samsung Galaxy S10 releasing in the first quarter of 2019.

Just because it is the first of its kind smartphone will not make it special. There are other specials too- improved Bixby, more functional Dex functionality, On device health tracking and so on.

Samsung Galaxy X Concept

Samsung smartphones have never run out of concepts. Samsung is known to have the variety of patients in various different new features and we don’t know what is next. No wonder if we can see a stronger chase and the latest version of Gorilla glass attached to it claiming shatterproof which is a welcome feature for a flagship smartphone in 2019.

There is another angle to the Samsung Galaxy X. A recent leak said it could be the gaming phone series from Samsung. When Chinese and Taiwanese brands have already started on, Samsung too might have decided to compete in the gaming grounds.

Samsung Galaxy X Price & Release

As for now, we have no idea of the price. Being the first and a limited edition opens doors to price the smartphone pretty high and still, people will empty the shelves. We expect the global event in the US and sell them in the US itself. I doubt it will get to the global markets. It might reach some of the major markets though. Once the Samsung Galaxy X is on sale, it must be available via Samsung’s official retail stores and other third-party resellers until stocks last.


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