Xiaomi Mi7 rumored features, price, and release date

Xiaomi has made a name for itself in the smartphone market ever since they launched their first smartphone. Today, the start-up brand from China has become a household brand with its user friendly smartphones that are known for being heavy on the features and light on the pocket. Only recently, they had launched the Xiaomi Mi6, which was received with generally positive reviews. Anything from the Xiaomi stables is received with much applause and anticipation, and so it is no wonder that excitement has been in the air ever since news was leaked that Xiaomi is about to release the seventh generation Mi phone, the Xiaomi Mi7, sometime soon.

xiaomi mi7

Mi7 concept designed by Science and knowledge.

Here, let us find out what we can about this new phone from Xiaomi. To be fair, not much is known at present, and most of what we can tell is conjecture based on some intelligent guessing.

The release date

Xiaomi has not yet announced anything about the probable release date of the Xiaomi Mi7, but it can be expected that it will hit the market sometime around late 2017 or the early 2018. This is mainly because the festive season around December and January is a good time to release a new product. But there is also the fact that big brands, and today Xiaomi’s major competitors like Samsung and Apple are likely to release their latest flagship products around this time. Xiaomi has edged into the smartphone market, true; but it still has a long way to go, and pitching its products against the smartphone giants seems plausible.


In this age of highly threatened cyber security, Xiaomi is giving its users an extra edge. The new Xiaomi Mi7 will come equipped with a retina scanner as an extra level of security, apart from the usual screen lock and facial recognition. As the name suggests, the phone will use a scan of your eye to unlock. We don’t yet know whether there will be a fingerprint scanner included as well, but either way, this is a great thumbs up for Xiaomi.

The display

As far as unnamed industry sources can tell, Xiaomi will be using Gorilla Glass display for the Mi7 phone. This is good news, as the screen will become even more resistant and less prone to water damage. Besides, the Snapdragon 829 processor will definitely make the screen a lot smoother and faster, and moving from one app to the other will become faster than ever before. The 4K resolution will allow you to view images in 4096 x 2160, and the 5.5 inch curved OLED screen will aid in watching videos in stark, dazzling colors and resolutions.

The processor

Speaking of processors, the Xiaomi Mi7 will possibly be the fastest of the smartphones released by the house of Xiaomi so far. As far as rumors go, the word on the grapevine is that Xiaomi has teamed up with Qualcomm to use their Snapdragon 820 processor to power the Mi7. If that is true, then the phone will become faster than its predecessors had been. Heavy apps will most likely not slow down the phone, and multiple screens will also not lead to any significant chances of hanging. This is especially good for people who are constantly using the phone for multiple purposes at the same time, and also for gamers.

The appearance

Xiaomi’s phones are always good looking, with long, sleek bodies and an impressive display. With the Mi7, Xiaomi is expected to go all out, opting for an even sleeker body that will be available in a limited range of colors. Xiaomi is going for a more professional look with this phone, something that will be established and timeless and can be safely carried forth into a couple of upcoming generations as well. So, expect to see some somber colors like black and grey.

The Unibody design, with the glass cover in both front and back, will make it a shame to use a phone cover that will conceal all the class and beauty. The Bezeless display will also certainly add to the beauty of the phone.

We don’t yet know for sure when the Xiaomi Mi7 will be released. We do know, however, that it will probably be released in China first, given that it is the home market, and also the biggest market for the smartphone manufacturer. It will probably be released in India, UK, Germany, Korea, and Canada soon after, which are also some of the countries that have most warmly received Xiaomi’s products. Once it reaches the shelves, we will see whether it is able to give Samsung and Apple a run for their money.


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