Xiaomi Redmi S2 Rumors, Price, features, leaks and Release date

Xiaomi is the budget king in most Asian countries. The budget segment is their huge strength and has brought the company to a top place single handily. The company is bombarding various budget devices recently with an emphasis on various aspects. The newest leaked device in the budget segment from Xiaomi is the Redmi S2. The device is expected to target dual camera features and lack of other major features to get a much lower price tag than the Redmi Note series.

Xiaomi Redmi S2 Rumors, Price, features, leaks and Release date

Xiaomi Redmi S2 Rumors, Price, features, leaks and Release date

Dual camera

Dual camera, the easiest marketable term in the entry-level segment. Mid-ranger segment is flooded with dual camera smartphones. Redmi Note 5 Pro the Dual Camera phone targeted for Indian audience has already taken over the best-selling Redmi Note 4. Maybe Xiaomi wants another line up between the Redmi series and the Redmi Note series with a dual camera for the better establishment in Indian and Chinese markets.

Dual rear camera at that price will be hot selling, that too from Xiaomi. Moreover face unlock is also marketed as a feature. This must be majorly targeted on the offline market where Vivo and Oppo simply dominate by marketing the megapixel count. Redmi S2 must be Xiaomi’s counter-reaction to them.

This information is gathered my study in firmware files obtained by an XDA developer with the firmware. They were also able to find some important specs which we will go through in a while. The smartphone is simply targeted at two huge markets of Xiaomi, India and China. This too was known from the firmware by the optimizations for the above countries.

TENAA registration helps to know more about the newest Redmi

Any electronics that is to be sold in China, have to get registered at TENAA and certified fit for sale. The company listed a new Xiaomi phone very much similar to the Redmi Note 5. The code name seems to match with the firmware that let out a few information about the device. The device is clearly an entry-level device deriving a few features from the Redmi Note 5 Pro and expected to price lower than that.

The screen is a modern display as seen on the Redmi note 5 series – 18:9 panel stretching 5.99 inches diagonally but with a weird HD+ resolution. The 720 * 1440 is a pretty low resolution for a 6inch display which might look less dense or pixelated.

The processor as mentioned is a 2.0 GHz Octa-core CPU as registered in TENAA. The processor is guessed to be Xiaomi’s favorite Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 which has already made its presence in many Xiaomi devices.

Budget offering always has variants in the RAM and storage. Similarly, the Redmi S2 boasts of 3 options. RAM / Storage – 2GB+16 GB, 3GB+32 GB, 4+64 GB.

In the battery department too, there is a Dip. The battery is 3080 mAH. The battery by specs is expected to last for a day but not any better like the usual Xiaomi which boasts of 4000 mAH battery.

The design is most of the Redmi Note 5 Pro. The back is unibody metal finish coupled with 2.5d curved 5.99 inches in 720p resolution. The fingerprint reader can be found at the back. The cameras in the rear are vertically placed with flash very much similar to the Redmi Note 5 Pro which in turn is derived from Apple iPhone X. Let us see in detail about the cameras as much as we know.


The whole point of this phone existing is the camera itself. There is a mention of a rear 12 MP and a mention of 3 cameras in the phone which converts to dual camera setup in any of the places. We strongly doubt the phone will carry a front-facing dual lens. The phone is expected to have the Dual cameras. There is no word on the specification of secondary camera. We can logically expect a 5 MP camera from likes of the Redmi Note 5 pro.

By the available information, the secondary camera is a supporting camera with no separate functionality of its own. The sensor must be either Sony IMX 486 or Omni Vision OV12A10 both 12 MPs for the Primary shooter. The secondary shooter and the front camera are likely to be S5K5E8 from Samsung.

Other Expectation

The OS is expected to run on MIUI 9.5 which is the latest MIUI on top of Android Oreo or Nougat. The skin is a heavy skin but adds a hell lot of tweaks and functionalities that Android itself does not offer.

The phone is low-level offering and the battery levels are also moderate hence we can expect a dedicated micro SD card slot and separate dual sim slot which is not common anymore.


The price will fall f at 1000 CNY / 10,000 INR for the 2 + 16 Gb variant and go all the way up to 1400 CNY / 14,000 INR for the 4 + 64 Gb.

Release Date

Not long it has been rumored or not much we know about the device. All we know is it has made to the TENAA which means it is good to go on sale in China. There is an event in China on April 25th, though the star of the event is the MI 6X, this might launch as well on the same date or any time shortly from now.

Our Opinion

To my speculation, the device can make it to India in two forms. One it can give follow up on the Y series that debuted 2017 emphasizing on selfie cameras. Notably, the specs also did not say which of the camera is the dual camera. The second way, it should be an Android One device outside of China. The Xiaomi Mi 6X is expected an MI A2 in other markets and this Redmi S2 is expected to be lighter Dual camera version to the A2, maybe A2 lite. The clear specs are required on the cameras to suggest a clear buying option to be made.


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